South Volusia Screen Enclosure

Pool Enclosures

Have more time relaxing and spend less time cleaning with a pool enclosure from South Volusia Screen Enclosure. Our screen pool enclosures protect against insects and damaging UV rays, provide additional security, and increase the attractiveness and value of your property.

South Volusia Pool Screen Enclosure

South Volusia Screen Enclosure is your fastest-growing customized screen enclosure business in Florida. We specialize in custom screen enclosures and client satisfaction.

Serving all of Florida, we’re a complete service, licensed, and insured aluminum firm. Our products vary from home gutters to rail to our exclusive customized screen enclosures and perhaps even concrete or paver deck extensions! There is no job that’s too large or too little. We take on jobs that others won’t.


Screen pool enclosures, also called solariums, are built of all-screen walls using functional windows and choose solid composite roofing with a curved-eave screen or an all-screen roof.

We use heavy gauge aluminum framing with higher-excellent hardware and attachments to assemble our screen enclosures. All patio screen enclosures and pool screen enclosures fulfill and exceed our Florida Building Code. If you consider expanding your house to make an ideal outdoor space available year-round, a screen enclosure is a superb alternative. Our pool screen enclosures are designed to satisfy your requirements and budget. 

We provide a range of alternatives to choose from, leading to an outdoor living area perfectly suited to your wants and your house’s architecture.

Benefits of Pool Enclosure

There are a large number of reasons for obtaining an enclosure. Here are a few of the common reasons we hear from customers:


Enclosures help you stay away from the components and wildlife while enjoying your pool. No pesky falling or bugs were leaving to frighten you, your loved ones, or your visitors.


Pool enclosures create great spaces to amuse, but if you ever chose to market your house, an enclosure may improve your resale value.


Can prevent unfortunate pool injuries. Enclosures will be able to allow you to restrict who has access to this.

✅ Convenience

A pool enclosure is a step up from a pool cover. There’s not any hassle of discovering your pool every time you’d love to use it using an enclosure. Jump in and enjoy!


Get the most from your pool while preventing pesky germs, and yard debris such as falling leaves! South Volusia Screen Enclosure will significantly boost the overall use of your swimming pool and terrace area. So enjoy the pool with friends and family without worrying about these components.



South Volusia Screen Enclosure designs pool and screen enclosures with relaxation in mind. Constructed with only top-quality materials, our pool and screen enclosures protect you and your guests from rodents, insects, debris, and UV rays.

Many additional benefits include using a pool and screen enclosure:

  • Pool and screen timers provide an outdoor oasis that maximizes your outdoor adventure by decreasing those annoying bugs and rodents
  • A pool enclosure can keep your pool cleaner more so you can enjoy your pool rather than cleaning it
  • Save the cost of substance maintenance for your pool
  • Our South Volusia pool and screen enclosures may add value and aesthetic appeal to your property

In South Volusia Screen Enclosure, we provide an expansive selection of alternatives for timers and can customize a solution for you. Our screens are made out of aluminum frames and lasting screens that change based upon your aesthetic and usage taste. Much like each job, we guarantee the quality of all of the jobs we take on. So let us help you make the ideal choices for your enclosure! Schedule your appointment now.